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‘light book’ serves as a creative lamp for late night readers

by  Pascalina Design Studio - Pascale De Backer from Belgium



Product Description

‘light book’ is a handmade sphere and reading lamp that you can open and close like a real book and position horizontally or vertically. ‘light book’ is made of 5 acrylic pages with white 3500 K dimmable LED lights. the cover is in black linen. the small precious lighting object can give your space a poetic dimension.



‘ a book is a strong, silent presence that invites you to open it to discover the mysteries inside. I wanted to bring light into the books and to attract people to look inside.’


material: cover black linen – pages : acrylic

light: LED – 3500 K

color: black

dimensions; length 23,5 cm x width 17 cm x height 4,5 cm  ( inches: 9,2 x 6,7 x 1,7 )

use: houses, apartments, hotels, night tables, working desks, offices, living rooms, book shops, libraries


DISCOUNT AVAILABLE from 4 pieces up: please, contact  [email protected]  for customized orders.


Additional Information

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seller information

  • address: www.pascalina.be [email protected] Belgium
  • My name is Pascale De Backer and I am an independent designer, interior architect and a maker of dreams. I create poetic design between art and functionality. My aim is to give design not only its functional approach but also a conceptual dimension, giving people a new perspective on design which stimulates their thinking about meaning and content. I create objects, spaces, installations where one can isolate from the world around and go through an experience where nature, light, material and sound can stimulate and expand the soul. For me design is poetry: I make objects that radiate poetry; that illuminate the soul. I want to create icons that are rare, powerful and meaningful. Creations that are not only the object you see, but that reveal a deeper essence. My objects have to surprise the world: one has to wonder first, like a child who for the first time sees the Moon and awes. I want people to think about the meaning... I want to break with convention and to approach design from an unexpected point of view... I create different dimensions, so life can be seen and experienced from another perspective which will open your mind and lead you towards new dreams. Website: www.pascalina.be Email : [email protected]


ship to cost
europe $49.00


shipping policy

-Estimated delivery time for Europe : within 5 business days (exact shipping price depending on exact location)
-Estimated delivery time for the rest of the world : within 10 business days (exact shipping price depending on exact location)
Please email [email protected] for exact shipping price


refund Policy

The product can be refund within 10 days of receipt of delivery. We only replace items if they are defective or damaged. Please email me immediately if goods are damaged in transit at : [email protected]