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Light.Space Pod is a prefabricated mini-structure from 11 Parallel Studio.  The versatile space is designed as a personal retreat to accommodate your particular hobby, activity, or interests.

Its flowing curvilinear geometry with rich natural lighting, featuring bookend glass walls and skylight, follow the notion that creating, “elegant play of forms and light”, produce positive energy.  Light.Space reimagines the typical shed as a lighthearted, welcoming space to play, relax, relieve stress, and restore one’s focus and well-being.


Light.Space Model 1 & 2     110 sqf studio
Price Starting at $9,500

  • Ideal home office, entertainment studio/home theater, music studio, gaming studio, yoga studio, etc.
  • One of the unique features of the Light.Space pod is the use of high-strength plastic footings that are not permanently anchored down, which allows the option of disassembling and transporting the components to a new location.  If you move to a new residence, you can take the LS pod with you.
  • Large windows and skylight allow abundance of natural light.
  • Overall height of the structure: 10’-6”
  • LS Model 1 is constructed with painted wood exterior shell/walls.
  • LS Model 2 is constructed with polycarbonate exterior shell/walls.
  • Delivery charge is $1.50/mile from our shop in Los Angeles, California

LS Model 1: Painted Wood Exterior Shell in white or custom color preferred by client. LS Model 2 : Polycarbonate Exterior Shell

11 Parallel

9939 Durant Drive
Unit #C
Beverly Hills 90212 (CA) US

11 Parallel is a collaborative architecture and design practice. The studio experiments in artful manipulations of concepts and elements taken from various disciplines - including architecture, art, film, fashion, etc. - to conceive new ideas for form, space, objects and aesthetics.

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General delivery quote is $1.50 per mile from our shop in Los Angeles, California.

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