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logifaces – analogue game for digital minds

by  logideez from Hungary
Clear selection

$70 $55

$70 $55

Product Description

LOGIFACES is a set of prisms, each with different top angles, hand-poured from concrete.Boost your creativity with this set of hand-poured concrete prisms! LOGIFACES can be arranged in millions of variations, allowing you to find endless patterns in its computer-generated forms.There is only one rule to the game: Create a form by placing the prisms next to each other to form a continuous surface.




The Beginner set
A smaller 9-piece set for easier challenges. With this set you’ll own 7 of the 11 different type of prisms. It is also a great supplementary tool for the Original 16-piece set!
9 pieces // 7 of 11 prisms // 1,9*104 variations // 2 solutions for the triangle

The Original set
The original 16-piece set for intermediate challenges. With this set you’ll own 10 of the 11 different type of prisms. The original set can be supplemented with the 9-piece beginner set.
16 pieces // 10 of 11 prisms // 4,7*106 variations // 22 solutions for the triangle

The Ultimate set
The ultimate 25 piece set for the most challenging puzzles. With this combination, you’ll own all 11 types of prisms. This set is a combination of the 16-piece and 9-piece sets.
25 pieces // 11 of 11 prisms // 3,5*109 variations // 4942 solutions for the triangle


The FeelFLUX bundle
We teamed up with our friends from Feel Flux to offer you a unique gaming experience.  In this bundle you can take home a FLUX original (in grey color) with your Original Logifaces set.

Additional Information


ash, basalt, marble, rose-special-edition


the-beginner-set-9-pieces, the-company-bundle, the-feelflux-combo-bundle, the-original-set-16-pieces, the-ultimate-set-25-pieces

seller information

  • We create our toys for the design enthusiasts, as well as those who love a brain teaser. when you own one of the Logideez toys, you don't have to worry about packing up when you are done playing. Customer support: [email protected]


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