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luxya is a sharp, modifiable ceiling lamp

by  Luxya from Italy



Product Description

Luxya is a ceiling lamp whose shape can be modified as you like. It has been designed to have different forms and be adaptable to different environments.


Luxya is inspired by technical drawing tools and reinvents the classical-set square as a variable, modular element. It consists of a central core — made of beech wood and shaped by CNC technology. It is designed to accommodate from 3 up to 12 transparent plexiglass set squares. Each set square side is made to sharpen the light and emphasize the lamp’s profile.


Thanks to an interlocking screw system, the set square can be placed on the wooden core to allow the user to combine endless forms.


Each set square can be positioned in six different ways, thanks to six holes. these six holes make it possible to easily insert a micro-screw that will allow the coupling to the wooden block. By moving the screws in the different holes, it is possible to vary the position of the set squares, and the final shape of the lamp. Six basic forms are possible using the set squares in the same position, but the geometry is infinitely interchangeable.

seller information

  • Andrea Bosio and Margot Girardier are two architect working together in the design field for interiors spaces and objects. Andrea is Italian and studied architecture in Genova. He was engaged in installation and public art realizations. He also works as architectural photographer and to several entrepreneurial design project. Margot is French and studied architecture in Grenoble. After few years working in different architectural firms between Grenoble and Paris she is now self employed and specialized in rennovation interior design.  


ship to cost
worldwide $25.00


shipping policy

the lamp will be shipped in one business week


refund Policy

we refunded the entire amount if the lamp is defected