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    Silver Ampersand Necklace by Moshik Nadav Typography
  • moshik-nadav-typography-silver-ampersand-necklace-2

    Silver Ampersand Necklace by Moshik Nadav Typography
  • moshik-nadav-typography-silver-ampersand-necklace-3

    Silver Ampersand Necklace by Moshik Nadav Typography
  • moshik-nadav-typography-silver-ampersand-necklace-model

    Silver Ampersand Necklace by Moshik Nadav Typography
  • moshik-nadav-typography-silver-ampersand-necklace-box

    Silver Ampersand Necklace by Moshik Nadav Typography

minimal ampersand necklace is a typographical statement

by  Moshik Nadav Typography from United States (US)
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$250 $150

$250 $150

Product Description

This ampersand’s curves reflect each other across the diagonal parallels, highlighting the balance of the original symbol, yet take it to a design level above the norm. Its experimental shape transforms a traditional symbol into a fashion-forward jewelry piece. Rooted in typography, expressed in contemporariness, and it lives on the runway.


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  • address: 101 Bedford Avenue, B09, 11211, Brooklyn, New York. USA.
  • Born and raised in Israel, Moshik Nadav lives and breathes for typography and seeing design through the sophisticated form of type. This passion for type design has always run deep. At a young age, Moshik has always been surrounded by design and typography. His father, Jacob Nadav, is an inspiration not only as a person, but also as a graphic designer and skilled calligrapher. Moshik’s view of beauty is and always has been truly shaped by typography. While in school, Moshik gained the attention of leading international publications and major digital hubs specializing in typography and graphic design — and, by the time he graduated, he had already created successful typefaces. Moshik established his type design firm in 2009, serving international clients, and in 2013, relocated to New York City; to not only expand his business, but once again, to draw further inspiration. Moshik strives to always find new ways to bring an elevated aesthetic aspect to the world of design. He believes once typography leads the design principle, with real understanding of letter forms and their minute details, a layout emerges with a more cohesive, sophisticated meaning. Every element is carefully examined, from bold line strokes to delicate serifs, as he bends each shape. His distinct style can be attributed to the love of fashion and the admiration of the female form. When an entire set is finished, it’s comparable to a fashion line on the runway — each letter is unique on its own, but when seen as an alphabetic family, the greater picture is revealed. See Moshik Nadav's work on: <a href=""></a>


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