mir large tray inspired by korean traditional ironclad vessel

by Studio IGI from south korea

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Mir (Large) / Maple, Eco-board, beech 270x100x60 mm


‘Mir’ is Designer Jung-hoon Lee’s one of works that is made under a theme for historic heritage. ‘Geobukseon’ (meaning a turtle ship), a Korean warship made back in 15th century was used as design motifs. ‘Geobukseon’ is an unprecedentedly unique and large vessel, which has notable features; a dragon-shaped head at the bow; and a fully covered deck with iron spikes to protect against various weapons.


Some items can be stored in Mir, and the function is named ‘Ham’ (meaning a sort of box in Korean). It is derived from the ship’s function that protects itself and carries the soldiers inside of it.


Mir is mainly designed to store pens and other items. It’s made of wood and eco-board.

Mir’s dragon-shaped head is made by an artisan of woodcraft, so it gives a classical / antique impression like cultural properties do. (Mir is how Koreans call a dragon back in the day)



beech gray-eco-board

Studio IGI

22, Cheongnyongyejeon-ro, Geumjeong-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea

[ Studio IGI ]

Real value of craft is about harmonizing a work of art with practicality.

IGI is a design group set up to acknowledge and revive value of craft.


Lee Jung-hoon, the designer of Studio IGI, is producing products ranging from furniture to desk goods under the theme of Korean tradition.

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