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musicon pro 2019 helps adults teach children math, coding and music

by  Musicon from Poland



Product Description

Musicon helps adults effectively teach children math, coding and music in a fun and engaging way. With an intuitive interface, Musicon and the music created is only limited by one’s creativity!


To create music with Musicon there is no need to be a musician, or to be a programmer to do coding, you just need to have fun and a curiosity about the world (both an adult and a child).


The device looks like a large music box made of wood and can be programmed to play as the child likes. In addition to the barrel with 640 buttons, Musicon includes four instrument modules – a mill, xylophone, block and drums. Each instrument can be mounted freely on the magnetic frame, even during play or can be removed and played separately. The system is open and is designed for development of further modules, including those which are non-musical.Get a very unique Musicon for this special pre-order price.


You get a battery powered Musicon PRO with 4 instruments, tempo indicator, M-notebook to write down your music and “The Musicon” lesson book with some great ideas.


Have any question? Please contact us at [email protected]




seller information

  • address: ul. Smulikowskiego 4, Warsaw, Poland
  • From the very beginning, Musicon is a family project. During the last 7 years Kamil Laszuk, his sister Ida Laszuk and colleague Jakub Kozik created a team of specialists. At this moment musicians, designers, engineers and educators create it. The team has about 25 people and is still growing. Our goal is to remove barriers in education and to prepare children from the earliest age for challenges of the future. We achieve this by delivering tools for holistic education that uses the most universal language – music.


ship to cost
europe $190.00
usa+canada $490.00
australia $690.00
south america $690.00


shipping policy

Normal shipping / delivery lead times would be 15 working days. We have partnered with international courier service providers of repute to ensure timely deliveries. Shipping / Delivery charges are waived for orders worldwide.


refund Policy

We will carefully examine your products before delivery. However, if you receive a defective or damaged item, please contact us upon receiving the item to: [email protected]