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next corrugated cardboard shapes purify air

by  NextMade from Italy
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Product Description

Innovation is in the air
Next – antibacterial cleaners
Technologies for air quality. Made of corrugated cardboard, is an purifier which has been created to clean up the environment in which we live.

The filters and fans placed inside the cactus break down bacteria, fine dust and pollutants from cigarette smoke thanks to three technologies developed by researchers at the University Politecnico di Milano, some of which are patented.


The first technology consists in a particular treatment of the surface, which allows for an increased capacity of the cellulose fibres of the cardboard to mechanically block bacteria and solid particles. The second is the use of chitosan (a natural antibacterial substance derived from the shell of shellfish), which prevents bacterial colonization. The third technology is the use of titanium dioxide which, thanks to the presence of ultraviolet LED, photocatalyses to oxidize most of the chemical species produced by cigarette smoking and cooking of foods (NOx, VOC, etc..).


It is available in different sizes and is suited to any type of environment, from houses to shops, from hotels to offices, from schools to hospitals. Environmental sustainability, low noise and low consumption are featured in this innovative design.


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Cuscino della suocera ExtraLarge 70 (cm), Cuscino della suocera Large 57 (cm), Fico d’india ExtraLarge 102 (cm), Fico d’india Large 89 (cm), Saguaro Maxi 180 (cm), Saguaro Medium 55 (cm), Sphere Large 40 (cm)

seller information

  • address: Via Giuseppe Candiani Milano Italy
  • NextMade is a brand of design of NextMaterials srl is a spin-off of the Interuniversity Consortium for Science and Technology of Materials (INSTM), which operates in the field of materials and technologies aimed at innovation and design with specific attention to environmental sustainability. “Transforming research into innovation” is NextMaterial’s objective. To bring the world of research closer to the world of production, NextMaterials reinvests a large part of its turnover for patents, transferring the results of university research to the market.


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