nimbo colour-reflecting mirror lightens up your mood

by Brisk from lithuania

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Rethinking the way we view mirror design led us to creating NIMBO – a series of handmade colour-reflecting mirrors, designed to lighten up your mood and brighten up the space. Coloured surface on the back of the mirror projects a chosen colour light onto the wall (especially suited for light interiors), creating a colourful aureole around it.


Just like the name NIMBO suggests (meaning either “a halo” or “a cloud”), the mirror itself seems like it’s floating on air, casting a light soothing coloured halo on the wall. It’s important to note that NIMBO is not a source of light – it reflects the coloured tape, therefore it cannot be used as a luminaire of any kind.


The mirror hanging system is really simple as well: screw a little ring magnet into the wall and place the mirror on it, using another magnet you find on the back side. That way, you can take the mirror with you whenever you need to use it in other rooms of the house.



150×150-mm 150×300-mm


clear-reflective-surface grey-toned-reflective-surface


We strive to push the limits of the industrial design field, merging ideas, breaking the rules the world no longer needs and setting new standards for what’s seen as innovative.

We strip the established concepts down, rethink them and finally – recreate them.

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shipping policy

Every mirror is shipped from Lithuania, with estimated dispatch time worldwide being 7 business days. In case of bad weather, cancelled or delayed flights, and other unpredictable factors, delivery time might be 8 days or more.

refund policy

The mirror can be returned within 14 days after receipt of delivery. The item must be unused and in its original packaging. Pictures might be requested for filing a claim.
The customer must pay for the return shipping. Once we receive the mirror, we will offer a replacement. Shipping costs will not be refunded.
Please contact us immediately if the mirror is damaged in transit to initialize further steps.