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kynä pencil box is crafted from smooth concrete

by  Formschmiede from Switzerland

$59 $49

$59 $49

Product Description

Through its mass and unrelenting appearance, the Kynä pencil box emanates a stone among the hectic pace of your daily grind at the office. With its austere materiality and precise edges, the box offers a safe haven for the design-minded. The surface of the concrete comes to life as every piece features a different patterning and porosity.


Formschmiede uses a specially developed and thoroughly tested concrete mixture. This allows for the reproduction of a series of objects with an extremely smooth surface and precise details details.


Base surface: Leather

Size: 100 x 100 x 130 mm

Weight: 1.5 kg

seller information

  • address: Formschmiede Meri Zirkelbach Bernhofstrasse 67 8134 Adliswil Switzerland
  • Formschmiede belives that unique items of concrete compliment spaces and interiors in a timeless manner, providing long-lasting enjoyment. The products stand out through their simple minimalist design devoid of unnecessary flourishes. Factual consistency meets timeless aesthetics. The concrete concepts are designed and handmade in the workshop of Meri Zirkelbach in Adliswil, Switzerland.


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