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pupa armchair by andrea branzi embodies an inviting form

by  Qeeboo from Italy
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Product Description

A soft and enchanting seat, with a sensual elegance thanks to the brass legs. Andrea Branzi overturns the concept of collection interpreted within the same theme, technical and decorative, declined in several elements: his objects for Qeeboo take different directions, both referring to their identity and the constructive technique, rotational or injection, but placed together in a domestic interior to create an inviting scenario.


Material: polyethylene, steel

Dimensions: 867 x 852 x H 832 mm

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black, green, white

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  • address: Via Stendhal 35 20144 Milan, Italy
  • Qeeboo | Next Generation brand of furniture and accessories designed and launched in 2016 by Stefano Giovannoni. Back to the origins of design: here is Qeeboo's philosophy, a brand made of objects for daily use, expressly not bourgeois but suitable for all. Once created, they are entrusted to our interpretation in order to acquire a new life. Qeeboo resumes and reinterprets in a fantastic way the icons of our imagination, even literary, and gives them an unexpected original 'patina' full of emotion and imagination, introducing a collection of beautiful ironic and surprising objects. A family of products, created in collaboration with the most eclectic international designers: from Andrea Branzi to Front, from Richard Hutten to Studio Job, from Marcel Wanders to Nika Zupanc. The original objects in the panorama of national and international design, it is not just a showcase, but a charming place that, only a designer as Stefano Giovannoni, could design and realize. Under the careful direction of Giovannoni, in fact, different styles and characters get together, combined by a playful-narrative approach and a careful figurative research. The internationally well-known designers have designed new iconic objects of great emotional expression, with a strong visual impact, through a common element: plastic. They measured themselves through a material not usual and not common to use, studying the characteristics carefully and taking advantage of all its potential to give a shape to originals chairs, tables, lamps, vases and accessories. A magical mix of technologies and industrial techniques, along with aesthetics and invention that offer not only poetic, but funny and hybrid objects such as Rabbit and Mexico, that can be used, respectively, in a personal way as a seat/lamp and as vase/stool/ lamp. Creations that allow everyone to interpret and use them freely.


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