retro-essential pen is a beautifully crafted design made from brass and wood

by Twowgo from taiwan

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A fresh take on the most significant human tool ever invented, Retro-Essential Pen is decidedly forward-looking but with a retro edge. It is a beautifully crafted design made from brass and wood, making this pen with classical elements. It brings you back the old times, and accompany you on the long shared path down memory lane.

A Very Rewarding Pen

The Retro-Essential Pen is offered in 5 distinctive woods – Walnut, Beech, Oak, Rosewood, & Pterocarpus Indicus; different woods have their own colors and textures. Its structure is fortified & adorned by gold brass which will be oxidized & discolored as a testament to the passing of time. The metal back end is magnetic with an optional clip, makes the pen much more productive and easy to carry. It also has an optional Stylus tip.

The Great Features

  • Magnetic Cap – conveniently keeps the cap on either end of the pen by strong magnet, you will never lose the lid when it is on the pen.
  • Interchangeable Inks – crafted precisely for universal-type roller ball refills (Pilot G2, Schmidt, Schneider…), and a compatible kit designed for ball point cartridge.
  • Optional Pen Clip – your choice, between simple elegance and simply functional.
  • Optional Stylus Tip – your best writing companion, whether it be on paper or on tablet.

< Specification >

Length: 126mm , Diameter: 12mm


Beech oak Pterocarpus Indicus Rosewood walnut


Rm. 1102, 11F., No.10, Sec. 1, Chongqing S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist.,
Taipei 10044 (Taiwan) taiwan

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