tool pen: your everyday hero for quick fixes

by Twowgo from taiwan

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Tool Pen

Tool Pen is a game-changer. Inspired by the nostalgic Pop-A-Point color pen, The bits will be compactly stacked within the pen and cycling them through is fast and simple. Designed to be lightweight and portable, this smart and flexible bit collection system ensures compact usability and smooth bit-swapping for working on your bike, furniture, home appliances, electronics, as well as many household gears and outdoor essentials.

< Great Features >

  • Pop-A-Point: Exchange bits with ease.
  • Marking Icons: Identify every bit instantly.
  • Carved Windows: Display all bits at a glance.
  • Magnetic Cap: Protects your bits and pockets securely.

< Materials >

·       Pen: 6061 aluminum

·       Bits: SAE 8660 (Nickel Chromium Molybdenum Alloy Steel)

< Specifications >

·       Pen: length 150mm / diameter 17.5mm / weight 93g (with 6 bits inside)

·       Bits: length 36mm / diameter 9mm / weight: 7g

Tool Pen mini

Tool Pen mini is an elegant yet powerful multi-tool, boasts slimmer and finer bits than the original Tool Pen, ideal for delicate tasks like electronics, mobile devices, eyeglasses, and wristwatches. It’s your precise partner for intricate jobs, from electronics repairs to working on delicate devices

< Great Features >

  • Intricate Bits: Enhance performance with accuracy.
  • Super Lightweight: Only 46g, carry with comfort.
  • Magnetic Cap with Pocket Clip: Disguised accessory with elegance.
  • Tool Pen mini retains all the unique features: Pop-A-Point design, engraved with bit sizes and icons for easy identification, carved windows to view enclosed bits and a cap with a built-in magnet for added protection.

< Materials >

·       Pen: 6061 aluminum

·       Bits: S2 TOOL STEEL

< Specifications >

·       Pen: length 133.5 mm / diameter 12.8 mm / weight 46g (with 5 bits inside)

·       Bits: length 35.6mm / diameter 7.1mm / weight: 4.5g


Tool Pen Tool Pen mini


hard anodized black standard anodized black stonewashed black stonewashed silver


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