shapes of new york skyline, the city silhouette to play and decorate with, in a 3d diorama

by Beamalevich from spain

$ 36

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Including 7 outlines and a wooden base with lanes, this is a toy diorama with which you can experiment freely beyond the staticity of a poster or a skyline souvenir: in here, on your own desk, table, or shelf, you can construct and deconstruct different urban orders of New York City and enjoy new outcomes every time, at full detail and scale.

With its most important landmarks featured in vertical, slim pieces, the idea is that you combine them over a wooden landscape to come up with new horizons of the city. Once, twice, or as many times as you want, as your creative spirit might feel.

The pieces are smoothly laser cut in methacrylate for a perfect finish – the base is made of elm wood, certified. In your hands, the outlines of the buildings featured here are perfectly recognizable, and give room for further interaction for everyone:

Posing them on paper and following their lines with a pen, easily drawing the city
Casting a light in front of the silhouettes and creating architectural shadows on walls
Zooming in with a camera, changing the scale of the toy to look like the real city

Ultimately, you can use Shapes to decorate your room or favorite spots with its minimalist interior design look and the outcome of your creative endeavors. Place it on shelves, desks, surfaces, ledges… it is lightweight.

Architects and urbanists will like it as much as the city’s lovers!

This item is part of a bigger collection of 3D skylines. You can visit our shop clicking here.



Dimensions (wood base):
39 x 8 x 0.9 cm
15.3 x 3.1 x 0.35 in

Weight (full product):
250 g approx. // 0.5 lb

certified elm wood & methacrylate

1 x wood base with five lanes
7 x different sized methacrylate building outlines

Made in Barcelona
Beamalevich x Creartech

The Shapes of New York is a tribute sculpture-toy to the capital of the western world and the isle of Manhattan.


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