netted shirrley bag transforms into two different shapes

by design on shell from singapore

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‘Shirrley’ is a versatile bag made out of a piece of mesh fabric and a single strand of string. The simple form gives it flexibility to carry different types of products and things with its adjustable shape. When it is fully collapsed the bag looks like a stylish shirred handbag.


The user could stretch out and adjust the height of it and could use as a shoulder bag with more inner capacity. When fully stretched, it eventually becomes a full-size grocery bag. The design of Shirrley came out from a simple question ‘Why most of the grocery bags are folded and hidden inside other bags?’ Simple beauty in everyday life is what Shirrley stands for.


mesh solid

design on shell

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‘design on shell’ is started by Yuree S. Hwang. She is an American product designer residing in Singapore. The name design on shell is given by her physicist husband. On shell state means a state of a path which doesn’t change phase regardless of a time change. There can be many different ways to come up designs for a single object. Like a path on shell state, she believes designer’s job is to navigate a sea of possibilities, distil ideas and materialize it. The brand design on shell is a playground of this philosophy exploring everyday life products.

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