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silo wall clock works as a kinetic sculpture

by  Beyond Object from United Kingdom (UK)
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Product Description

Silo is a simplistic sculptural clock designed to create interesting aesthetic appeal through the use of angular hour and minute hands that play on mathematical tangential relations and triangular forms. It is not just a clock. It is a kinetic sculpture that alters its shape through time.


Everything you need is included in the package, all you need to do is pick a nice spot in your house and imagine how Silo could change the space. Use the clock with or without the indicating markers. Installing the markers are extremely easy, we’ve included a installation template and all the markers are self adhesive. Insert the battery, hand the clock, it’s simply that easy.


Including 12 smoky perspex markers and installation template.
Including one AA battery, screw and screw anchor
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Additional Information


copper, gold, silver

seller information

  • Beyond Object is a design-led brand focusing on desktop objects and home accessories. We believe functional objects can be designed and crafted as art. You might find yourself a bit lost seeing our collection for the first time, wondering what are the objects made for. It won't take long until you figure it out, and that magic moment of surprise reveals the true essence of our design. This is Beyond Object, we create logical sculptures that serve the daily needs of people. You can find our products at renowned boutiques like MoMA, Centre Pompidou, Harrods, Conran Shop, 10 Corso Como, Lane Crawford and Luminaire, to name a few.


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