Sleep masks with masterpieces. (24 species)

by Shuba Gift Factory from US

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Masterpieces never sleep!

“When night begins and the museum halls turn empty, the masterpieces stay awake and look from the darkness. Till the morning they don’t close their eyes, monitoring what happens around. By trying on the sleep mask with painting character’s eyes, you can be sure that you’ll see true masterpieces in your dreams! And your dreams will be under protection, because painting heroes stay awake guarding your rest. Have a good night.”

International awards:

Gold (Rijks Studio Awards)

Silver (The Dieline Awards)

Bronze (Red Apple International Advertising Festival)


The mask is made of environmentally friendly materials and is sewn by hand.

Front: Atlas (Silk) + print

The inner layer: Padding polyester

Inside: 100% Cotton.

Package design is presented in the shape of a cardboard tube, on a label featuring a famous painted character.


You could choose your preferable mask in Color raw!


alida-christina-assink-jan-adam-kruseman composition-ii-piet-mondrian dali david-michelangelo dora-maar-pablo-picasso frida-kahlo-self-portrait girl-dressed-in-blue-johannes-cornelisz-verspronck girl-with-a-pearl-earring-jan-vermeer head-of-peasant-kazimir-malevich jeanne-samary-auguste-renoir life-of-flowers-amosschaertbrosius-b man-in-a-red-turban-jan-van-eyck marilyn-monroe-andy-warhol merry-drinker-frans-hals mona-lisa-leonardo-da-vinci rembrant-self-portrait starry-night-van-gogh the-birth-of-venus-sandro-botticelli the-girl-with-peaches-valentin-serov the-kiss-gustav-klimt the-night-watch-rembrandt van-gogh-self-portrait venus-de-milo-alexandros-of-antioch vertumnus-giuseppe-arcimboldo

Shuba Gift Factory

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Shuba Gift Factory — is a Belarusian brand, which is engaged in the creation of exclusive design gifts, postcards, diaries.


In our team work talented professional people. We create design things and implement them.
With us you can endlessly to please yourself, your friends.


The most titled our project is a sleep mask with masterpiece's eyes — Masterpieces never sleep!


The project awarded international awards:

Gold (Rijks Studio Awards)

Silver (The Dieline Awards)

Bronze (Red Apple International Advertising Festival)


You could choose your preferable mask in Color raw!

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