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shake salt and pepper from these porcelain little table clouds

by  Simplement from France



Product Description

Salt & Pepper set


Shower salt on salad. Drizzle pepper on tomatoes. The caps and the packaging for these porcelain shakers  are handmade with care.


Get further information on www.simplement.design

seller information

  • address: 5 rue d'Alsace Lorraine 75019 Paris, France
  • My grandfather, who was a blacksmith, spent hours making tools to facilitate complex or repetitive tasks. I was fascinated by his forge, which was a kind of museum of craft ingenuity. The tools and the possibilities generated by the digital technology is equally fascinating as it allows the development of a new kind of craftsmanship that appropriates certain industry capabilities with incomparable flexibility. In the same vein, Simplement freely develop and share research and experimentation I generate as an I dependent designer investigating the self production systems and technics. Self-publishing is an extension of my creative work and allows to share the genesis of the project from creation to manufacturing. Why use more resources when you can rephrase a project and conserve its essence and quality with reasonable means? When traveling, I often admire the economy of means that some people imagine to meet their needs. Like a ripper in Rwanda who recycled the rubber boots with only a heated blade or the inhabitants of the Ladakh in the Indian Himalaya who only get warm during their long winters at polar temperatures with the dung of their yaks that they collect in the summer. Sometimes it's complicated to simplify, but digital tools allow quality creations with limited means.


ship to cost
europe $7.00
usa+canada $12.00
worldwide $12.00


shipping policy

Estimated delivery time for Italy and Europe within 5 business days.
Estimated delivery time for the rest of the world within 10 business days.


refund Policy

We guarantee the refund only if the customer contacts us within 3 days of delivery of the product. we only accept products that have never been used. We only replace items if they are defective or damaged.
Please email us immediately if goods are damaged in transit at [email protected]