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the ‘strikha’ table lamp embodies that of the ukrainian hut

by  FAINA Collection from Ukraine



Product Description

Strikha Table Lamp


in Ukrain, ‘strikha’ means ‘the straw roof.’ The Strikha Table Lamp is woven from the willow lamp shade on a solid clay footing. It is created using traditional craft technology typically used for homemade households and artistic products in South Ukraine. The light of these lamps, leaking through the patterns of the willow, pouring the heat of the Ukrainian village into your home, has two modifications: a table lamp and a floor lamp.


Dimensions: 500×540 mm / 1700×1000 mm
Materials: willow.

seller information

  • address: st. Patrice Lumumba, 6/1, office 81
  • FAINA CollectionLive minimalism from Ukraine The FAINA collection fascinates both minimalists and fans of modern ethnic and "timeless" interiors. “We decided to create an honest design – every element, each object of which is natural, ecological, and unique," – emphasizes author of collection, Ukrainian architect and designer  Victoriya Yakusha. "Traditional natural materials and handmade are the main features of our concept of “live design". We listened to "eternity" and the voices of the earth, we chose materials, we did not look for forms, we "remembered" them, because they are intuitively familiar to everyone." Clay, willow vines, flax, and hemp, felt, wool, wood – “living” elements of furniture and interior decor collection FAINA, which embody the concept of "live design". Each material emits living energy. Warm vibrations of delicate clay, the oldest building material in the history of mankind. The solid wood preserves the history of the centuries in its pattern. The softness of wool, that embraces with tenderness and home comfort. The flexibility of willow twigs that, when combined with each other, creates fragile, textured and at the same time strong things. The FAINA collection is designed to involve simultaneously all senses and encourages to feel the soul of objects. More details - http://faina.design/en 


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europe $45.00
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shipping policy

We ship via DHL or other delivery company, minimum order starting from 2 units, 5 - 15 business days (depending on distance and shipment company).


refund Policy

Our products may be exchanged or returned within 14 days of purchase. Please note that we always ask to send us pictures first. Only items that have not been used and are in their original packaging may be exchanged or returned. After we receive the return form, you will be reimbursed within 30 business days.