taluy swing chair, unique handmade pendants for luxury designs projects

by Taluy from israel

$ 2400

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Taluy is our worldwide design patent. We produce unique handmade pendants for luxury designs projects

Diameter 115 cm (42.3 inches)
High 130 cm (51 inches)

Weight: 45 kg

* Frame made of galvanized iron pipes.
* Fabrics:
velvet –  soft touch like a puppy, easy to clean very high end quality.
color options: Maldives turquoise, blue shades, grey shades, pink and black.
white: the texture has a gentle cloudy look, chosen especially for easy cleaning and liquid repellent.

Use & Safety
The chair structure is designed for adult use only and is not intended for use by children under 5 at all. It is your responsibility to supervise as long as children are around. The pendant is intended for indoor use, we chose the highest quality fabrics, but increased exposure to the sun can damage it.Hanging from the ceiling requires a professional to confirm that it can carry the weight of 200 pounds including the weight of the pendant itself.





black grey & white light-blue Maldives turquoise white



Taluy is a futuristic swing chair design studio.

We produce high-end hanging chairs for hotels and luxury interior design.


Our goal is to transfer stage and street art elements into indoor furniture. The vision is to create a design that adds a fun and sexy atmosphere but in an elegant way, that's how the designer Moshiko Matayeve found the hoop: 

"I was sitting in a circus show staring at a dancer on a hoop, it felt so powerful, I knew this is it, I want to take it home! After I had the hoop, I looked for something that looks unreal for the backrest, then I found the gravity-defying street artist technique that drove me crazy. The artist uses welding out of bizarre regions in order to create an illusion that there is no logic in what we see. He looks like he sits in the air holding only a walking stick. I just LOVE the way it doesn't look reasonable, but it works."

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africa $600.00
asia + middle east $500.00
australia $800.00
canada $500.00
europe $500.00
mexico, central america and caribbean $800.00
south america $800.00
usa + canada $500.00

shipping policy

We supply worldwide pendants usualy at 6 weeks, depend on the quantity and country.
Since worldwide shipping has many changes at this time, Taluy will supply final details according to the specific order and country region.

refund policy

Taluy's pendant is handmade swing chair that takes almost 3 weeks to produce.
If after you got your order you don't satisfy by any reason you can get a 70% refund back by sending us the unit back.