the helix collection: the closed rings by fractalysis designs

by FRACTALYSIS Designs from netherlands

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Introducing the Helix Collection: The Open Rings- by Fractalysis Designs


The Helix Closed Ring Collection- a complete range of rings with amazing, intricate shapes!

Check out our Open Rings, Bracelets and Pendants too! You can find them here:


The Helix Collection rings: 3 heights and 5 colors: Yellow Gold plated Brass, Rose Gold plated Brass , Silver, Black plated Brass and Matte Black Nylon.


Delicate and sophisticated,  an unique expression in fashion and craftsmanship!


Pick and Mix: Combine any of the above rings (and/or the Open Rings) to get a bi-or tri color ring-set. The combinations are endless! 


Height of the rings:  EU: 9 – 13,5 – 18 mm-

                                     US: 0,4- 0,6- 0,8″


Size + Height range:

Ring Diameter Ring size Europe (circ) Ring size US Height 4,5 mm=0,2″ Height 9 mm=0,4″ Height 13,5mm=0,6″ Height 18 mm=0,8″
16 50 5,5 No Yes Yes Yes
16,5 52 6 No Yes Yes Yes
17 53 6,5 No Yes Yes Yes
17,25 54 7 No Yes Yes Yes
17,5 55 7,5 No Yes Yes Yes
18 56 8 No Yes Yes Yes
18,5 58 8,5 No Yes Yes Yes
19 59 9 No Yes Yes Yes
19,5 61 9,5 No Yes Yes Yes
19,75 62 10 No Yes Yes Yes
20 63 10,5 No Yes Yes Yes
20,5 65 11 No Yes Yes Yes
21 66 11,5 No Yes Yes Yes

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Upon request different materials available!






Black Plated Brass bronze nylon-black Rose Gold Plated Brass silver Titanium Yellow Gold Plated Brass


Height 13,5 mm=0,6" Height 18 mm=0,8" Height 9,0 mm=0,4"


US 10,5/ EU 20 US 11,5/EU 21 US 11/EU 20,5 US 5,5/EU 16 US 6,5/EU17 US 6/ EU 16,5 US 7,5/EU 17,5 US 7/17,25 US 8,5/ EU 18,5 US 8/ EU 18 US 9,5/ EU 19,5 US 9/ EU 19 US10/EU 19,75



Based in the Netherlands, we at Fractalysis Designs are dedicated to provide our customers with personal and innovative products, marked by a state-of-the art finishing and ease of use. We are currently developing our portfolio, in jewellery and home office furniture.

We look forward to working with you to provide you with the maximum satisfaction with our products!

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