trempel adult 3D printed hangers made from 100% recycled matte pla

by trempel hangers from latvia

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Trempel 3D is high-quality, sustainable, eco-friendly, fully recyclable & biodegradable fashion clothes hanger made from 100% recycled Matte PLA* ♻️

Trempel hangers are sturdy and suitable for any type of clothing.

Pure Colour is the most exclusive of all Matte PLA.


Hanger width – 41 cm / 16.142 in;

Hanger height – 20 cm / 7.874 in;

Hanger thickness – 1 cm / 0.394 in;

Diameter of the hole – 38 mm / 1.496 in.


Production deadline: 1-2 days;

Wipe clean & wash with cool water & mild soap;

Not dishwasher safe;

Do not keep exposed to direct sunlight.

*3D PLA hangers decompose in the environment in the time interval from six months to two years. The duration of decomposition is influenced by temperature and humidity.

*PLA or Polylactic acid is a bioderived plastic. Мaterials original source is cornstarch. PLA can be broken down at the end of life, it does not naturally decompose without industrial composting aid. By taking PLA food packaging waste, we’re extending its life by another cycle.

*Please note that color may slightly vary depending on your monitor specification.

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trempel hangers

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We produce Supreme quality eco-friendly hangers for clothes made of special sturdy recycled cardboard.

We are constantly creating, inspiring, innovating, engineering and pioneering our product, and we believe that we can make our world better ♻️

Sustainable solution for your brand - Cardboard hangers, Wooden, 3D printed bioplastic.

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