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turi wall clock reveals the beauty of copper




Product Description

Memories hark back to the Italian kitchens of yesteryear, when pots and pans hang on the walls to show off the culinary skills of the hostess. Today, kitchens are being emptied out, becoming minimal; the only solid and ever-present reference remains the passing of time… The contemporary design of Turi is accented by soft shapes that enhance both the traditional material and craftsmanship.


seller information

  • address: Viale Tibaldi 10 – 20136 Milano, Italia
  • address: Viale Tibaldi 10 – 20136 Milano, Italia Internoitaliano is a system for the production of designer furnishings inspired by the italian way of living, created by Giulio Iacchetti. At the heart of Internoitaliano is a production system constituted by a network of workshops and manufacturing companies that embody the excellence in the Italian ability to create top-quality products. Internoitaliano therefore, is truly a 'fabbrica diffusa', a factory network. Internoitaliano objects enjoy a special status: they are happy objects, fruit of a 50/50 joint effort between the designer who designed them and the craftsman who lovingly made them. Each object is, in itself, autonomous and versatile, able to take its place in a variety of settings as they evolve over time, little by little, affecting a household’s main rooms and garden.


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europe $10.00
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Estimated delivery time for Italy and Europe within 5 business days.
Estimated delivery time for the rest of the world within 10 business days.
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The product can be refund within 10 days of receipt of delivery.
We only replace items if they are defective or damaged.
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