undici rose plays on the idea of taking the rose out of its element

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The Undici Rose series comes from Undici Craft, an offshoot of 11 Parallel Studio.  This series plays on the idea of taking the rose out of its element and presenting it in a new light.  The first model in the collection is U.R.1 “Elevated Rose.” The second model is U.R.2 “Hidden Rose.”

The Undici Rose collection is an example of 11 Parallel’s ongoing exploration of universal forms.  It comes from the idea of creating formal concepts and material explorations that are independent of a single program.  The forms are realized through a variety of 3D modeling software, rapid prototyping, and full scale fabrications.  These forms are eventually utilized and applied to diverse projects ranging from buildings, to visual content, to objects… and in this particular instance, a rose vase.

Material: Hydrocal White Gypsum Cement


Model 1/Elevated Rose is a two piece item consisting of the bottom pedestal plus the top rose carrier. Model 2/Hidden Rose is a four piece item consisting of four standing objects with rose carriers implanted in the center apertures. The four objects can be displayed individually or as a collection.

11 Parallel

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11 Parallel is a collaborative architecture and design practice. The studio experiments in artful manipulations of concepts and elements taken from various disciplines - including architecture, art, film, fashion, etc. - to conceive new ideas for form, space, objects and aesthetics.

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