val desk organizer solves the needs of the contemporary worker

by Abovus from serbia

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Val desk organizer solves the needs of the contemporary worker to organize their writing desks usually full of different containers, tools or accessories.

It provides the possibility to put together everything that we need for work in one place. This simple item consists of two parts: waved solid metal base in two sizes and cork vessels which cover a different set of needs. It is an ideal holder for a variety of objects and tools.

The user can easily handle the parts and freely rearrange them, play with functional solutions or colour combination. Designed this way, Val desk organizer provides necessary functional solutions for the individual user.

The personality of the product provides an interesting selection of materials and contrasts between them.

Val desk organizer is multifunctional and not boring thanks to the different colours and the possibility of transformations depending on the needs. Besides, it is sustainable using cork as a renewable, natural material. It serves to organize the workspace, affects the efficiency and comfort of the work and at the same time has a positive impact on the visual appearance of the work environment. This small, but functional item is necessary for everyone working at the writing-table, no matter the gender or age.

Waved bases comes in two sizes L and M, and two colours – black or white, or specific tone that can be custom ordered. Floating cork vessels are Barka, Cruiser, Surfer, Rabelo, Kanu, and some more to be built. They all floats on the waves and carry your favorite things to a creative journey. We’ve already prepared two sets, Val set L with base L in black or white colour and two cork vessels per choice. Val set M with base M in black or white colour and Kanu.

Val desk organizer won Big SEE Product Design 2019 Award in work category and 57th Belgrade Furniture Fair 2019 Golden Key Award for smart design.



Barka Cruiser Kanu Rabelo Surfer Val base L Val base M Val set L Val set M

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#abovus is a team of architects which are constantly trying to catch ideas floating above us and deliver them to You

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We are truly inspired to solve the problems in designs and the solutions we are offering are not restrictive and definitive, allowing You to continue playing and be creative.

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