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wall ride – wall mounted skate rack

by  Zanocchi & Starke from Italy
Clear selection

$129 $115

$129 $115

Product Description

Wall Ride is a practical and versatile wall mounted rack, perfect for those who want to proudly display their skateboard.


With Wall Ride the wheels of the skateboard never risk dirtying the walls and the graphic of the deck is always in plain sight. Three hooks and two shelves allow to hang and host anything else used in everyday and making it useful for those who do not have a skateboard yet!


Furthermore, the same slot used to slide the skate into the rack serves as a handy bottle opener.


Crafted in Italy and shipped worldwide since 2014. Design by Zanocchi & Starke

Additional Information


black, chrome, copper, gold, green, orange, blue, white


mini-right-hand-dimensions-28-x-16-x-14-cm, standard-left-hand-dimensions-55-x-16-x-14-cm

seller information

  • address: Via Luisa Del Carretto 74 - 10131, Torino - Italy
  • Zanocchi & Starke is a multidisciplinary design and architecture studio founded in 2013 in Torino by the italian architect Andrea Zanocchi and the brazilian product designer Carolina Starke. The projects of Zanocchi & Starke come from their common passion for design, attention to detail and fusion of different professional and cultural experiences. "The daily interaction between people and the product is the starting point of all our work. We do not simply create objects to be used, but also able to let people happy having them around. We enjoy working with different materials, experiment and combine different manufacturing processes, whether artisanal or industrial."


ship to cost
europe $10.00
usa+canada $20.00
asia+middle east $35.00
south america $45.00
australia $35.00
africa $45.00
mexico, central america and caribbean $35.00


shipping policy

Europe: 3/5 working days
Worldwide: 5/7 working days


refund Policy

We guarantee a 14 day money back return policy (shipping costs to the customer).