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weatherHYDE – Buy 1 for yourself and Gift 1 to a homeless family

by  billionBricks from Singapore
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Product Description

A tent that protects a family of five from extreme weather, provides privacy, and enables a single person tool-less installation within 15 minutes without any need for anchoring. Perfect for camping, outdoor and recreational use.

“This is innovation at its finest” – Ashton Kutcher, American actor, producer and investor.


How buying one for yourself will help homeless families


As a non-profit design studio, we provide weatherHYDE at cost (with no profit margins) for the homeless, and offer weatherHYDE at a higher price for private use. 100% of the collected profits from those sold for recreation and private use will go back to the project, and will be utilized to produce more weatherHYDE tents for the homeless.


Gifting options:
• Ship one to yourself, gift the other through billionBricks. Give a homeless family protection and a home. Beneficiary families are carefully selected by billionBricks’ community partners working on the ground with the homeless in India. You will receive direct updates on the impact your gift will make!


• Ship both weatherHYDE tents to anywhere in the world. Treat yourself to one, and gift the other to someone whom who know in your immediate community that is homeless and in need. (Only one shipping address requested. Shipping cost may defer as the cost stated has been estimated for one tent).
Inclusions for each weatherHYDE:

• Base mat, thermal barrier, insulated covers, joints and pouch, bag for the tent, bag for the frame


Sold separately:
• Frame


We use PVC pipes for its frame, which could be found at any local hardware store and will reduce your costs if purchased locally. We will provide specifications for you to find the most suitable frame for your weatherHYDE.


Additional Information





seller information

  • address: Hub 128 Prinsep Street #0101, Singapore 188655
  • billionBricks is a Singapore-based non-profit design and technology studio which innovates new shelter solutions for the homeless and most vulnerable communities. Our solutions are women-centric and are highly replicable and scalable to significantly enhance opportunities for communities to emerge out of poverty. We consider shelters and buildings as tools for capacity-building and empowerment. Through weatherHYDE, we offer a high-quality recreational product with a social purpose, where every purchase makes a difference.


ship to cost
usa $75.00
asia+middle east $75.00
europe $175.00
south america $175.00
australia $175.00
africa $175.00
mexico, central america and caribbean $175.00
canada $175.00


shipping policy

Delivery time: 15 days


refund Policy

If the product is defective, we will send you a new product free of cost, but with the shipping payable by you, and you do not need to return the defective product. If you are unsatisfied with the product, we will give you a discount of 10% for your next purchase from us. For either of these two reasons, kindly write to [email protected] within 30 days from receipt of purchase.