Wine rack made from repurposed US army ammunition box

by BOITESDELAPAIX from canada

$ 500

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Our wine rack is designed to either be standing on the floor or a counter, or be mounted on the wall. Just lift the dowel and pick your favorite bottle.

This creation is a tribute to the forests. We call the collection: Boîtes de la paix (Peace Boxes).

The original boxes are not around anymore, they have become collectables. They are offered in limited edition. They are already part of two Museums collections and have been shown in different galleries and collective exhibitions in North America and in Europe.

Each Box is unique, marked by the passage of time. Marks, cracks and partly rusted hinges are part of their unicity and beauty. Once you pick your color, we will email you detailed pictures of 3 different Boxes we have in stock. You will get to pick YOUR one-of-a-kind Box!


RE-made in Montreal, Canada



Antique brown bordeaux natural orange sienna red

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5425 rue de Bordeaux
loft #305
Montreal QC canada

Bruno Chouinard and Anne Lapierre transform authentic US army wooden ammunition boxes from the 60-70s into upcycled smart and symbolic deco objects: BOITES DE LA PAIX (Peace Boxes). Offered in limited edition, the BOITES DE LA PAIX are part of two museums collections as well as  private collections. The two Montreal-based multidisciplinary artists had also shown them along their artistic installations and art videos in several curated exhibitions in North America and in Europe.  [email protected]

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europe $150.00
mexico, central america and caribbean $150.00
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