half&half pen only composed by 2 parts without any structures


stefano giovannoni’s baby rabbit chair uses a playful silhouette


egloo colored is a candle powered heater made of terracotta


give u my heart ring reveals your inner affection


triangle bottle opener symbolizes stability and groundedness


share food ceramics collection facilitates friendly dining


meter is a professional coat hanger made from solid walnut, maple, or oak


gela and goro is a carafe set made from blown glass


wall clock ‘out of time’ moved some numbers of hours on the wall


aluminium align pen adopts a dislocated form


the cozy wool ‘dost’ chair provides comfort and rest


the alcove unfolds into your own personal mobile workstation


equilibrium bookcase – modern light

$900 $765

to enjoy cooking and conversation, this ‘curonian tabletop grill’ is a must

$249 $199

brum brum wooden balance bike for kids – walnut finish


agata ceiling lamp outlines a pure geometric shape


belle cake stand interprets traditional pastry accessories


petcozy is a wool felt made playground for pets


studio job’s killer shark stand keeps your umbrellas in its jaws


the solid steel ‘memel fire pit’ develops natural rust over time

$399 $249

studio Job’s mexico stool + sidetable pays homage to mexican culture


solid cube earrings reveal an interlocking fracture


pinpres shelf uses finely chiselled forested beech wood pegs

$870 $780

equilibrium bookcase – walnut

$1,200 $1,020