stefano giovannoni’s rabbit chair uses a playful silhouette


concrete material handmade characteristic fruit tray


airframe – picture frame brings the window seat indoors


patagonian handmade paddles 120 cm by hualle


the floating ‘hollow mirror’ creates an illusion in brass or copper


3D printed earrings derived from branching pattern


‘iconic new york illuminated’ celebrates the city at night


brum brum wooden balance bike for kids – walnut finish


reflective scarf will keep you warm and stylish all year round


neri pen and mechanical pencil is adjusted via brass thumbscrew


shin sharpens your spirit while you sharp your pencil


ripple espresso cups – set of 2 inspired by greek doric columns


pauline reflective clutch features a playful embellishment


stitch where you’ve been passport cover


handmade hourglasses to contemplate the idea of time


flip lenticular square earrings reacts according to wearer’s movements


laser cut wall art uses bird and cactus silhouettes

$85 $59

iBot G3 based on the most colourful piece in computer history


goblet, chalice, and champagne flute shaped ceiling lamps


floating frames ‘between’ to create your own composition


tipi lamp by javier herrero studio, light for kids

$90 $77

the surface collection is crafted from three-dimensional linework


loop earrings with a playful reflective detail


this shelf emanates a light that will never go out