handmade hourglasses to contemplate the idea of time


the contemporary steel-crafted ‘duplex shelf’ shift shapes


celebrate fall with the leaf magnet, a rubber magnet that can be hung anywhere

$12 $10

neolit lamp can be described as a thin line in space


patagonian handmade paddles 120 cm by hualle


the ‘color scale of things’ distills objects and hues into a photo-book


stair ring is a 3D printed architecture accessory


lock coffee table uses flexible bamboo layers


the SUN – a unique unisex wood watch


SCALE retractable ballpoint by shigeru ban for ACME


the solid steel ‘memel fire pit’ develops natural rust over time

$399 $249

3D printed earrings derived from branching pattern


OAKY wall clocks made from premium oak plywood


‘colosseum’ iconic pendant light constructed from eiffeltowers


coffire lamp is made from coffee grounds


lama scissors embody a sculptural from


brick heart necklace consists of two toy bricks


the ‘bookmark-pen’ camouflages as a leaf within your book

$20 $15

numi smart travel backpack with solar panels for today’s travellers


stra is a magnifying glass designed by giulio iacchetti


exclusive circle SWINGS gold and silver rocking chair


modular hexagonal ‘teumsae’ vases mount on the wall


the surface collection is crafted from three-dimensional linework


deskspace showcases the unique beauty of each planet