endless rain record plays the sound of gentle showers


goblet, chalice, and champagne flute shaped ceiling lamps


3D printed earrings derived from branching pattern


the ‘brass egg’, handcrafted from solid brass responds to the touch with weight


kung fu time clock shows a classic image of chinese martial arts


front’s loop chairs are influenced by the human body


‘light book’ serves as a creative lamp for late night readers


SCALE retractable ballpoint by shigeru ban for ACME


outdoor, wooden circle swings acts as a contemporary rocking chair


shin sharpens your spirit while you sharp your pencil


masterpieces never sleep: sleep masks with masterful eyes


bring the tropics to your office with the banana leaf tray

$7 $5

numi smart travel backpack with solar panels for today’s travellers


celebrate fall with the leaf magnet, a rubber magnet that can be hung anywhere

$12 $10

stair ring is a 3D printed architecture accessory


baby rabbit chair metal finish uses a playful silhouette


stra is a magnifying glass designed by giulio iacchetti


3D printed ring is shaped around a reflecting solitaire stone


cutlery set inspired by the soft curves of the venus statue


‘fall in wine’ wine holder expresses the moment of pouring


reflective floral ‘joan’ bag lights up at night


k chair is shaped as a chair we all have known forever


half&half pen only composed by 2 parts without any structures


laser cut wall art uses bird and cactus silhouettes

$85 $59