bookends and bookshelves offer help from superheroes


neri pen and mechanical pencil is adjusted via brass thumbscrew


outdoor, wooden circle swings acts as a contemporary rocking chair


this shelf emanates a light that will never go out


moveable TinBots transform into stylish tin-boxes


celebrate fall with the leaf magnet, a rubber magnet that can be hung anywhere

$12 $10

you are here map jewelry models city street grids


endless rain record plays the sound of gentle showers


exclusive circle SWINGS gold and silver rocking chair


the contemporary steel-crafted ‘duplex shelf’ shift shapes


alba, modular bedside table and wall shelf with hidden storage


lama scissors embody a sculptural from


illuminated bookmark uses an interwoven circuit


the floating ‘hollow mirror’ creates an illusion in brass or copper


pocket fountain pen designed with an interchangeable cap system

$135 $115

3D printed ring is shaped around a reflecting solitaire stone


shin sharpens your spirit while you sharp your pencil


the inder pen of the copper collection evokes industry and resolve


‘iconic new york illuminated’ celebrates the city at night


airframe – picture frame brings the window seat indoors


floating frames ‘between’ to create your own composition


handmade cherry no.1 fixture is part of the ‘sweet lamps’ series


bring the tropics to your office with the banana leaf tray

$7 $5

reflections mirror creates a fun and surprising experience