the surface collection is crafted from three-dimensional linework


pauline reflective clutch features a playful embellishment


landscape organizing boxes hold tabletop gadgets


the floating ‘hollow mirror’ creates an illusion in brass or copper


stra is a magnifying glass designed by giulio iacchetti


the ‘bokk bar stool’ combines comfort and stability


sticky leaf is a memo note which mimics nature

$12 $10

shin sharpens your spirit while you sharp your pencil


levia is a marble top levitating led lamp

$230 $151

mir medium tray inspired by korean traditional ironclad vessel


front’s loop chairs are influenced by the human body


‘case 3776’ brings the majestic mount fuji to your tissue pouch


Sleep masks with masterpieces. (24 species)


heroes never sleep: sleep masks with heroic eyes/money never sleeps


cute collectible corkers family packs by monkey business


coffire lamp is made from coffee grounds

$350 $280

deskspace handcrafted solar sun mood light/desk accessory


architects are assholes mug makes a provocative statement


maxime reflective leather backpack lights up at night


‘light book’ is a creative lamp for late night readers


the fuji t-shirt celebrates the greatest climb in the world


pupa armchair by andrea branzi embodies an inviting form


reflective floral ‘joan’ bag lights up at night


k chair is shaped as a chair we all have known forever