create custom jewelry maps based on places close to your heart


enamel leather earrings (set of 3) in classic colors and shapes


affi | stool in solid wood assembled using simple joinery


flip lenticular earrings based on a lenticular multi-view display system


‘mocap’ wall clock leans more to a piece of conceptual art


blue bear ice pack to chill your icebox, picnic basket or lunchbox


3D printed earrings derived from branching pattern


cute collectible corkers family packs by monkey business


stra is a magnifying glass designed by giulio iacchetti


this shelf emanates a light that will never go out


stefano giovannoni’s gold rabbit chair uses a playful silhouette


the ‘bokk bar stool’ combines comfort and stability


concrete material handmade characteristic fruit tray


tool pen mini is an elegant multi-purpose instrument


logifaces – analogue game for digital minds

$50 $40

‘spare’ tablelamp constructed from 25 classic light-bulbs and 1 LED


levia is a marble top levitating led lamp

$230 $151

the ‘portable dining table’ refines everyday meals


outdoor, wooden circle swings acts as a contemporary rocking chair


musicon pro 2019 helps adults teach children math, coding and music


‘light book’ is a creative lamp for late night readers


pupa armchair by andrea branzi embodies an inviting form


heroes never sleep: sleep masks with heroic eyes/money never sleeps


wine rack made from an authentic US Army ammunition box