iBot G3 based on the most colourful piece in computer history


tool pen mini is an elegant multi-purpose instrument


3D printed earrings derived from branching pattern


laser cut wall art uses bird and cactus silhouettes

$85 $59

loop earrings with a playful reflective detail


wooden circle swing model n.1 acts as a contemporary rocking chair


Petite bedside table / Small table ideal for small spaces


eye keychain made from upcycled rhode Island traffic signs


the contemporary steel-crafted ‘duplex shelf’ shift shapes


logifaces – analogue game for digital minds

$50 $40

classicbot classic is an adorable figurine based on the classic pc


the solid steel ‘memel fire pit’ develops natural rust over time

$399 $249

this shelf emanates a light that will never go out


goblet, chalice, and champagne flute shaped ceiling lamps


‘light book’ is a creative lamp for late night readers


maxime reflective leather backpack lights up at night


Sleep masks with masterpieces. (24 species)


the surface collection is crafted from three-dimensional linework

$34 $29

create custom jewelry maps based on places close to your heart


handmade hourglasses to contemplate the idea of time


stefano giovannoni’s baby rabbit chair uses a playful silhouette


‘fall in wine’ wine holder expresses the moment of pouring


flip lenticular square earrings reacts according to wearer’s movements


illuminated bookmark uses an interwoven circuit