alba, modular bedside table and wall shelf with hidden storage


k chair is shaped as a chair we all have known forever


turi | memories hark back to Italian kitchens of yesteryear.


deskspace handcrafted solar sun mood light/desk accessory


pauline reflective clutch features a playful embellishment


musicon pro 2019 helps adults teach children math, coding and music


stair ring is a 3D printed architecture accessory


levia is a marble top levitating led lamp

$230 $151

PinPres shelf uses finely chiselled forested beech wood pegs


the ‘sticky notes block’ turns your thoughts into ‘building blocks’

$10 $8

mininch tool pen features screwdriver option


‘light book’ is a creative lamp for late night readers


goblet, chalice, and champagne flute shaped ceiling lamps


the ‘bokk bar stool’ combines comfort and stability


brum brum wooden balance bike for kids – walnut finish


patagonian handmade paddles 50 cm by hualle


heroes never sleep: sleep masks with heroic eyes/money never sleeps


architects are assholes mug makes a provocative statement


illuminated bookmark uses an interwoven circuit


Petite bedside table / Small table ideal for small spaces


flip lenticular square earrings reacts according to wearer’s movements


ramel c01 – coffee cups inspired by the ever shifting dunes


maxime reflective leather backpack lights up at night


au_34 halo planter with a special LED light to enhance growth