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Candycane travel pillow started as a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter and raise $100K 

Base on simple inflate tech, Candycane travel bring new design constriction to travel pillows look, This pillow fold into a lemon size and It is larger than most pillows with a large volume of air keeping your head in place.

Candycane travel gives full head support with different modes like chin support, lean on Wall / aircraft windows, outdoor accessory, sleeping on the floor and the first ever sharing pillow. It can be rolled up to fit any size head and maximize its size for multiple users.

Why do we call it CandyCane? Well first the shape of course, it just looks like a Candy Cane and obviously, sweet dreams and all but the shape is what matters here. The Candy Cane shape allows us to make the pillow completely modular while allowing for more room to either sit in a pair of work great while leaning against the wall. The Candy Cane shape is all about being modular and practical.


Idan Noyberg, product designer and frequent traveler, Is interested in the field of travel experience from early stage of his design career, one of my first projects were the B-tourist, this were concept design, with time, he joined the Design team of 787 for ELAL Israeli airlines - that were a high impact experience for two years. As co-founder together with Liran Blum, they managing  "LyLy" design firm while focus on innovative premium products for travel comfort and Home style.
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