bom (design)

from canada

bom (design) is a design workshop dedicated to the conception of unique furniture and objects that showcase the nobility of wood, while proposing a minimalist and contemporary look.

Founded in 2010 by craftman and designer Michel Boudreau, bom (design) is the result of over 15 years of experience in woodworking, combined with the desire to offer refined and unique products.

While focussing on technical and ergonomical qualities, bom (design) creates functional and durable objects, which can easily be integrated to your environment and decor.

The textiles and overlays chosen for our line of furniture reflect the brand’s wish to use noble and natural materials, such as real wood veneer, woven and felted wool, leather and cotton.

bom (design)’s services also include the design and making of custom built furniture or modules conceived to fit within your environment and simplify your day-to-day life.

Known for its minimalistic and linear approach as well as its technical qualities, the work of bom (design) opens new perspectives on the craft and artistry of woodworking.

Lately, with the creation of the papi(fam), sack(fam) and kravat(fam); wood bowties,wood handbags and wood neckties, bom (design) is expanding the limits of the use of wood:  “Wood ready-to-wear” is becoming its guiding line.

4100, de Courtrai
Montréal H3S 1C2 (QC) canada