from italy

Cyrcus is a movement/company, founded by the designer Denis Santachiara, that uses exclusively 2.0 suppliers, making concrete the widespread digital manufacturing.

Creating, producing, exchanging and consuming design thus assumes forms never known before, unprecedented and truly sustainable. Cyrcus renews the language of design by making its products in precious materials (gold, silver, marble, steel, aluminum ...) with the technologies of 3D printing, laser cut, CNC, making possible complex shapes or even impossible with traditional techniques.

The use of digital fabrication also allows a strong lowering of the economy of scale, a limitation of traditional design. Only in this way producing a few pieces or unique pieces different from each other, has the same industrial cost of the large series (mass customization).

Cyrcus therefore makes the best use of materials and reduces processing waste, producing only what is purchased. Each Cyrcus product is exclusively designed by our network of authors and can be customized according to the customer's needs in terms of dimensions, materials and finishes.

Alzaia Naviglio Grande 156
Milano 20144 (MI) italy