from germany

When we launched ROOM IN A BOX in 2013, we agreed 100% on one topic - the idea of a good piece of furniture. A good piece of furniture must not only convince with its function and design, but also with regard to its sustainability and price.

We develop furniture made of cardboard that meet exactly these criteria. They are all sustainable, inexpensive and of their own aesthetics! The heart of our product range - our cardboard bed - has already been sold many thousand times. And the best is yet to come: once it reaches the end of its lifecycle, it flows back into the raw material cycle by 100 %.

Over the past 6 years we have gained extensive experiencbe in the development, production and distribution of cardboard furniture, which has helped us to continually improve our business model. Our vision remains unbroken: To develop a furniture line that firstly, convinces through its ingenious simplicity, secondly, makes the lives of our customers better and thirdly, protects the environment.