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Nomatiq is a Brooklyn-based design studio that creates meaningfully crafted lifestyle goods, tools, and cannabis accessories.

In the years leading up to the founding of Nomatiq, we struggled to find beautiful high-quality smoking products at affordable prices. Shortly after obtaining a product design degree, co-founder Alice partnered up with Orest in 2017 to grow a business from the ground up and to create beautiful marijuana accessories in a growing legal cannabis market.

We design smoking accessories alongside beautiful home goods, incorporating both into a single home lifestyle line. We like to innovate on common objects like lighters, herb grinders, and pipes, and to bring them up to date - utilizing new technology, and by giving these objects new, unexpected shapes that function better and look better.

We are also conscious of the environmental impact that designing and producing things can have. It’s part of our goal to create things that can be used with love and kept for the long haul instead of being disposed of after a couple uses. We want our customers to admire the things we make, have a connection to the things they own, and to use them with care and appreciation.

Brooklyn (NY) US