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Kin: one’s family and relations

恳: pronounced “ken” (kěn); earnest and sincere

At Kin | 恳, we re-interpret the unique quirks of traditional Chinese culture for the modern lifestyle.


Kin | 恳 was created based on our own life stories – as Chinese immigrants growing up in the US and Australia. It is also a tribute to the stories of friends all around us – those from a Chinese background and those not – who have struggled with the seemingly contradictory pull of the culture and traditions they were born into, and the culture and traditions that they are exposed to as adults.

We wanted to create a range of products that captures the balance and interaction of cultures in their most beautiful form. Objects that are rooted in the richness of Chinese history, yet are global in their relevance.

It is our sincere hope that as you add a Kin Object to your home, it encapsulates a part of your story, your life. We hope that it becomes a daily reminder of your divergent life stories, and how they interweave to create something truly unique. We hope that this imparts a sense of comfort and belonging to you, just as it does for us; and that as you welcome guests into your home, Kin Objects become a point of connection between people, stories, and cultures.

This is the story of Kin, of us, of our home. We sincerely look forward to welcoming you into the family.

This is the story of Kin, we hope we make you feel at home.

We travel between Shanghai and Seattle |
Our products are handmade and shipped from Shanghai