Lucio Rossi Design

from italy

Lucio Rossi Design  is an award winning multidisciplinary design studio founded and led by Prof. Architect Lucio A. Rossi, an Argentinean born artist/designer that begun practicing design and architecture in Buenos Aires.

2013 was the year of the foundation of the first design studio in Paris, France, and today the office is located in Italy.

In late 2021, and as a continuation of a manufacturing side project, the office has  created a new, more  dynamic and innovative collection of  products,  the LRD concept,   first  presented  with big success in the Paris Design Week in 2017.   The 2022 new line groups a series of objects under a common theme, the home office. Two pieces of the new collection are now present in the design boom shop.




Borgo dela Trinità 2
Parma 43121 (PR) italy