Nobahar Design

from Italy

About The Designer and The Company Sogand Nobahar, designer, maker, researcher and jewelry engineer, is the founder of <strong>Nobahar Design Milano.</strong> Strong believer of Mix &amp; Match and Unconventional Design, she always tries to combine tradition and innovation in every aspect of her works. Her motto? <strong>“As Unconventional As It Is”.</strong> After studying Industrial design in Tehran, She moved to Italy to continue her education in design and engineering. After graduation from Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino, and also some work experiences in design, production and engineering in jewelry industry in Valenza, in 2017 he decided to open her company. She won <strong>two awards in her first year of activity</strong> and presented her pieces in several places inside and outside Italy. She is also the founder of “Jewelry Around”, an InstaBlog in Jewelry industry.


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