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PRRL LABS creates cannabis accessories that lead with design. As a result, they elicit joy and delight, while freeing users from the harmful effects of combustion.

the NEO is a powerful, compact replacement for the butane lighter that works universally with any pipe or bong. it heats cannabis enough to release the aromatics and active ingredients, but doesn’t burn them. thus, it eliminates toxic smoke and ash, while delivering the full taste and desired effects.

the TERP SURFER pipe re-imagines traditional construction, materials, and style to allow one to “surf” the aromatic terpenes in cannabis by varying one’s breath. the combined material elements coalesce into a unified design language that balances both form and function, while pairing with the NEO for a sublime smoke-free experience.

the CREATIVE JOURNAL is a great way to make sure you never lose another great idea!

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