from Belgium

rform - rethinkinig furniture. rform is a Belgian contemporary furniture design brand with a deep-rooted belief in the power of ‘pure simplicity’. Since the inception of rform, its founder Randy Feys has ensured that this principle permeates every single aspect of rethinking and creating furniture at the company. Rethinking design. Resulting from rform’s pure simplicity ethos are the strikingly clear lines and the intelligent functionality of the furniture. Contemporary colours and the warm tones of oiled birch wood fuse to a design-forward yet warm symphony that allows the furniture to stand out while blending into the interior seamlessly. <em>Rethinking production in the context of sustainability. The company designs as well as produces the furniture on site. On the manufacturing side, the pure simplicity principle manifests itself by rform being deeply invested in applying the sustainability principle to everything, even the smallest detail.</em> <em>Rethinking client needs. rform is dedicated to designing high-end, high-quality furniture that always remains very affordable and suitable for everyday use. The furniture is extremely durable, easy to clean and can adapt to the needs of its owners over time by being modular and therefore endlessly customisable. And yes, when it arrives, it is also extremely easy to assemble.</em> <em><strong>rform. Enjoy the personalised fun of timeless design!</strong></em>