Scene 3 Designs

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Due to the rise in popularity of skateboarding, the skateboard has replaced furniture manufacturing as the leading contributor to maple deforestation. Over 100,000 decks are produced per month in the United States alone. This is especially detrimental to forest ecosystems since it takes 40 to 60 years for the Canadian maple tree to mature before it can be cut down and made into skate decks. In addition, hundreds of thousands of old and broken skateboards wind up cluttering landfills.

I design and create products from recycled skateboards.  All of the reclaimed skateboards are  collected from our Skateboard shop, Scene3, located in Lynchburg Virginia. The journey began when I cut up a broken skateboard to make a shoe shelf. It was at that moment I realized that more could be done with this rubbish. From that moment I have been designing and creating rad products from broken skateboards.

All of the products are made by hand (my hands) in Lynchburg, Virginia.

1107 Main Street
Lynchburg 24504 US