Singular & Multiple

from UK

Singular & Multiple product selection includes objects made in small batches by craftsmen in different small workshops around Europe and limited editions.

We are interested in;

Our attention is increasingly in demand, our senses often saturated. The antidote, we think, is to own less things, to choose carefully what we want to surround ourselves with. We acknowledge that today’s challenge is about reducing complexity.

We believe that carefully made objects are better for the environment (and the soul) as their life cycle is much longer than objects made with materials of lower quality that degrade easily.

Timeless objects
We are not interested in objects that become obsolete quickly. Our aim is to provide objects that last a long time, and reveal their utility over time. Furthermore the try to use materials that age well since their wear add character to them over time.

Unit 11
5 Fountayne Road
London N15 4QL (London) UK