Stil Novo Design

from US

Stil Novo Design's recycled oak wine barrels creations, unique sustainable custom furniture, lighting, elegant home & wedding decor and gift ideas are entirely made with recycled French oak wine barrels.
We are a family business located in Northern California where we design and manufacture all of our products. Each of our pieces is a true labor of love, carefully handcrafted using the finest artisan skills.

 Our collections include home decor, lighting furniture and gift items.
When a wine barrel is converted into furniture and home decor, its history is preserved and can be enjoyed for generations in the form of a unique artisan heirloom.
In fact a whole barrel offers the opportunity of reusing every bit of material -from the solid, beautiful white oak of which its staves and head are made, to the metal hoops that kept it together-.
By choosing old over “new” wood, we ease the demand being placed on our few remaining old growth forests, while keeping demolition refuse out of our landfills. It makes a positive statement about our values and it supports our efforts to reuse and conserve :)