Super Special Sneakers

from bulgaria

Nostalgia tints memories with a golden hue -  the European founders of Super Special Sneakers knew they had stumbled upon gold when finding an old production book from a former Czechoslovak shoe brand. Designed in 1951 as an affordable hiking model, the gnarly design featuring heavy weight canvas, vulcanized midsole, and country outsole was reborn to meet the needs of the urban dweller. The brand made sure you’ll take them on lifetime adventures on and off the grid.

Continuing the mission to fight fast fashion with timeless designs, the brand does a new retake of yet another 1950s classic - the “Balkan tourist” backpack. It’s inspired by the remarkably simple design of the Easter European signature at the time - practicality over anything. The all naturally sourced materials for the backpacks are boosted by extremely durable water protected fabric (used for boat sails) to last longer than any communist regime would do. The brand thought of it all by adding a laptop pocket for anyone on the go. The “Balkan tourist” and the all new capsule collection by Super Special Company will take you on an everlasting journey to anywhere your cheeky day leads to. 


Mladost 3
Sofia 1712 (BG-22) bulgaria