Super Special Sneakers

from bulgaria

Super Special Sneakers are a modern take on 1950 socialist design everyday sneakers.

Born in 1951 and called Super Special Trampky (Sneakers) by their anonymous creators from the Central Buro of Design in former Czechoslovakia, they are still produced on one of the oldest sneaker production lines and feature the same great choice of materials.

In our quest for timeless design, we found them in an old production book and we immediately fell in love with the idea of bringing them back to life.


Originally designed for hiking, we believe that Super Special Sneakers can be versatile and fit the urban landscape too.

Nowadays, Super Special Sneakers are produced on the same old production line, one of the oldest in the world, using the same vulcanizing technology and the same great choice of natural materials. They feature heavyweight cotton canvas, high endurance lacing, vulcanized midsole and country style rubber outsole. We added a specially developed water repelling wax to protect them from bad weather conditions and to give their owners even more freedom.

We introduced a low-top urban style as well. Our new style is a peculiar bridge between the retro classics and minimalistic contemporary style still using the same great choice of natural materials.

Older than most mainstream brands, Super Special Sneakers celebrate their 70th anniversary with a new line/model. 

Their distinctive vulcanized outsole is paired with a minimalist upper on the Low Top Urban 1.0 model celebrating a simple, yet ingenious design that builds bridges, breaks boundaries and proves timeless.

Enhanced with modern features, they still evoke memories from the past. 

Returned from the dust, Super Special Sneakers are a classic piece of European sneaker history that outlives its time and function.


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Sofia 1712 (BG-22) bulgaria